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Bill Walton Continues to Wax Poetic About Weed Things on ESPN

Bill Walton has parlayed his color commentary for ESPN college basketball broadcasts into vignettes for his marijuana-travel show pilot, "Trailblazing." Always in Deadhead character, Walton followed up last week's drug war blasting performance with references to Snoop Dogg and Bob Dylan in the same broadcast on Wednesday evening.

While calling Oregon's dusting of USC in downtown Los Angeles, ESPN showed a scripted, full graphic segment about Robert Zimmerman, who recently was named "MusiCares Person of the Year."


In true Walton form, Bill then spends over three minutes singing the praises of Bob Dylan to broadcast partner Dave Pasch. At times, Walton makes sense, and at times, Los Angeles' kush appears to kick in as Walton implores viewers to "get to the river and wash all your troubles away" before praising "Box of Rain" as the best song ever. Always the Dead champion, Walton also mentions how Dylan joined the Dead in 1989 and starts stumbling over his words he's so excited about the memory of Bob Weir forgetting lyrics that forced Dylan to step in on the vocals.

But the real shiner comes when Walton somehow relates Dylan to other influential figures in the history of the world:

"This is about Nelson Mandela, Bob Dylan, Bill Russell, Thomas Edison, the light is on. Throw it down, Snoop Dogg!"


While Snoop's name may seem like an out of place Freudian slip by Walton, it's actually the most game-related comment he makes. Because after the Dylan histrionics end, the focus turns to Oregon's Dwayne Benjamin Jr., who Walton pegs as a Snoop Dogg doppelganger and continually implores to dunk it like Snoop dunks buds into his bong:


"Throw it down Snoop Dogg! One time please."

Benjamin was stoked:


Even if Walton's assertion, skin color and hair aside, appears to be somewhat hazy:


It's Bill Walton's world of weed, and ESPN is most excellently rolled into and stuck with it.

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