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Blazers Smoke the Nuggets

This headline was a layup.

Last night, the Portland Trailblazers visited the Denver Nuggets and said "we've got legal weed now too." And they said it loud and proud.


The Blazers performed like a Sativa against the Indica-esque Nuggets, burning them 130-113 in a game with little defense and many vaporizer pens in the stands. In the first half alone, the Blazers put up an 84 spot, the most points the Nugs have allowed in a first half since 1990.

Aside from pitting one of the west's best against one of the west's worst, the matchup represented the first ever NBA matchup between two teams with legal marijuana (Seattle no longer has an NBA team and Alaska is Alaska). And yes, the Blazers smoked the Nuggets.

From this blowout loss to the Seahawks' Super Bowl defecation over the Broncos, Denver's teams seem to struggle against opponents that also have legal weed. Maybe there's no correlation or maybe these teams are simply immune to Colorado's higher altitude and strains like Golden Goat and Flo.

Yes, Washington D.C. too legalized weed, but does not have retail shop regulations in place and will not anytime soon. But the Wizards will vaporize the Nuggets.


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