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Boom Herron's "Ohio State Socks" Stunk Up the Colts Locker Room

It didn't take long for Indianapolis Colts running back Boom Herron to get into a celebratory mood after his team's playoff drubbing of the hapless Cincinatti Bengals. Herron was spotted in the locker room rocking what appears to be a pair of socks emblazoned with weed leaves. There may be more to this story than a weed aficionado rocking some green gear though. Herron played college ball at Ohio State University, whose mascot is the buckeye, a flower there bears more than a passing resemblance to our favorite flower. Judge for yourself:

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Herron wouldn't be the first person to confuse the two. Back in 2013 a 65 year-old woman was pulled over by overzealous and moronic state troopers in Tennessee all because she had a buckeye sticker on her car. The police thought she was trafficking marijuana. Why anyone who was trafficking marijuana would advertise that fact with a sticker is beyond me, but just goes to show you how incompetence can pervade law enforcement agencies.

I guess you could have sorta expected this from a player whose last name is synonymous with drugs. Herron is slang for heroine for all you clueless ones out there.

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