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Golfers & Patrons Can Bring Weed Into the U.S. Open (But Not Water)

You know you’re living in the best kind of legal weed utopia when marijuana gets priority over bottled water. At this year’s U.S. Open in Tacoma, Washington at Chambers Bay, kush is more kosher than H20. Yes, security at the course (play starts today) have been instructed not to worry about spectators bringing in bags of bud with them through security.


But since the course (like any venue) makes money off of water and concession sales, patrons can’t bring bottles of Smart Water in with them.

Likewise, the course clearly doesn’t care if players bring weed with them into the locker room, though an a post-round hot box in the showers seems unlikely—unless a player misses the cut. Still, while I expect plenty of vape pens on hand, the scent of sensimilla won’t be too prevalent this weekend

However, it’s not as if the smell and haze in the air will mimick that of Woodstock circa 1969 once the tournament gets underway, because while it is legal to possess the drug, it is still illegal to consume it in public.This law might be hard to follow for some golfers in the face of one of the most challenging courses in recent memory, so they will just have to find some other way of relieving their stress after shooting 6-over across the first 2 holes.

Translation: Tiger Woods can have legal weed and hookers to relieve stress after he misses the cut!

Bizarrely, while fans will be able to bring drugs with them, they won’t be allowed to bring in bottles of water, which they will have to throw away at the door. []


One day in the not so distant future, I have a feeling courses will be lining up to secure major sponsorship dollars from big companies like Weedmaps and GPen. And when that day comes, golfers should be yelling Fore-20 at the top of their lungs.

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