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How Marijuana Snuck Into T-Mobile's Super Bowl Commercial

Roger Goodell really hates weed. Thus, the NFL does not allow any mention of the sticky icky to air during the Super Bowl or any NFL game.

Last year, a heavily supported and innocuous pro-pot commercial by NORML was oddly shut down by Intuit despite leading the competition. This year, no marijuana group or company even attempted to land a spot in the Super Bowl. Instead of commercials promoting America's fastest growing industry (marijuana!), we were peppered by ads from health-promoting companies like McDonalds and Budweiser over and over again.


While the Super Bowl broadcast mostly bombarded viewers with lame, not at all funny material, marijuana's "420" acronym and grow term "hydroponics" managed to slip itself into T-Mobile's biggest ad. Featuring Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler, the ad focuses on T-Mobile's WIFI capability. But a nod to WIFI (White Fire OG!) surfaces when Silverman answers a call during the commercial.

As you can see, the clock reads the high time of 4:20, just like the Gimp scene in Pulp Fiction:

And as a commenter pointed out, Sarah clearly winks and states "hydroponic" in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Who knows if the pro-pot Silverman asked a producer to change the clock's time to 4:20 or if it's simply a meaningful coincidence or if a Pulp Fiction fan on set made the switch. Either way, weed managed to find its way into the Super Bowl broadcast despite the NFL's best efforts to keep weed off its audience's radar.

Ironically, if the NFL and other leagues actually embraced the medicinal substance many of their players use, imagine how much money ganjapreneurs would toss for advertisements during major supporting events? Eventually, the NFL and other major leagues won't be able to turn down the or the massive amounts of green cash surrounding this green, budding industry.


Here's that T-Mobile commercial in its entirety:

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