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Kevin Durant Fumbled a Jar of (Medical) Weed

Kevin Durant’s only weakness outside of freak injuries and Lil B appears to be the whack paparazzi of Los Angeles.Late last night, the typically sure-handed Durant was on his phone outside of a Hollywood club (booty call?), minding his own business, trying to ignore the paparazzi.

When the injured NBA star’s SUV finally arrived on the scene, he quickly opened the door. And a jar of weed fell to the pavement, followed by a line of “don’t do that”—presumably his friend telling the paparazzi not to film the weed. But they did anyway and TMZ released it on Saturday morning:


A few notes on this video:

1) That is definitely a jar of weed. If you’ve bought medical weed, you know.

2) The weed could or could not have been Durant’s or his homies’

3) Durant plays in the NBA, so if he does smoke weed, he’s just like everyone else (and it’s not a big deal)

4) Considering Durant currently rocks a walking boot and won’t return to the court till late this summer, the man should have every right to medicate with weed, edibles, and tinctures.

5) Fuck TMZ. Let the man live.

[The Smokers Club]


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