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Larry Sanders Suspended for Smoking Weed...Again

Larry Sanders, the NBA player who "believes in weed" and smokes more weed than any other player, has again been suspended for smoking his weed.


Sanders' second suspension for weed will cause him to miss the next 10 games, and the news comes a week after Sanders admitted he may have to give up basketball if he can't fix his "psyche and [his] physical health." The once rising star's game has declined, he's missed games for a injuries suffered in a bar fight, and he hasn't played in three weeks while dealing with his "personal issues."

Generally, I'm of the belief that you can't be addicted to weed, and that NBA players (and all athletes) should be free to smoke as much weed as they please. But Sanders' smoking habit has clearly negatively affected his mental state and his game.

If you're smoking enough weed that your career is now in serious jeopardy, it may be time to take a break from smoking weed. Stay strong Larry, and save the reefer for the offseason.

via The Smokers Club

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