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Michael Jordan to Launch "Flair Jordan" Marijuana Brand

Michael Jordan is entering the weed game—and he plans on taking the game over.

A spokesperson for the GOAT told The Smokers Club that Jordan plans to soon launch "Flair Jordan", Air Jordan's cousin and cannabis-centric brand.


The brand intends to focus on the ancillary aspects involved in the cannabis industry, like cigar wraps, rolling papers, apparel, and bongs. But Jordan hasn't ruled out releasing a line of "Flair Jordan OG" or "MJ's Sour Diesel" down the line.

Jordan's spokesperson passed along this blunt message from MJ:

"I revolutionized the game of basketball. Now I'm going to revolutionize the game of marijuana."

While kids in the 90s grew up wanting to "Be Like Mike", those kids are now adults—and they want to get legally high. For Jordan and his brand, the decision makes sense given the growing acceptance of pot: these kids turned stoners want to "light like Mike."

Jordan noticed the recent ascension of celebrity weed brands coming from the likes of Bob Marley and Willie Nelson—and started thinking that he wanted to get in on the fun. And like most Jordan wagers, Flair Jordan was born off the links.


During Michael's recent golf match with Keegan, Tom, and Rory, the scent of cannabis wafted into the foursome's area. The smell inspired Michael to quickly explore this burgeoning sphere.

From there, the Flair Jordan decision became "easier than dunking over Steve Kerr in practice." As Jordan's personal bodyguard, business partner, and confidant Charles Oakley puts it, Flair Jordan will be taking over the growing industry sooner rather than later. "Michael and I have been planning this project for years while foraging Vegas' scenery. We're going to sell the wraps at all my car washes. We're not throwing bows, we're pushing bows."


Owning an NBA team, the Charlotte Bobcats, will not impact the Flair Jordan brand, as Jordan's team has named a squad of his longtime pals, including Oakley, to run the show. Flair Jordan has named Oakley as the company's president and Kush Commander, Scottie Pippen as the SSO (Sensimilla Scent Expert), and Horace Grant as the KMO (Kief Medical Officer).

Oakley's focus will be on the business end and security aspect of the company, while Pippen will use his special sense of smell to test out new products and hunt for phenotypes. Horace's main focus will be on developing a line of Flair Jordan Rec-Specs with a built in THC spray for glaucoma patients and athletes.


According to our source, all of these athletes firmly believe marijuana—a substance they say over half the league uses regularly—is intrinsically tied to the game of basketball. But the effort comes from the heart. Michael truly believes in the medical power of marijuana. While dealing with the variety of aches and pains that any professional athlete suffers through, he recently discovered the benefit of CBD-centric lotions and salves to ease pain. When asked whether or not MJ burned the stuff, the answer was a "no comment."

Flair Jordan is expected to hit dispensaries, bodegas, and businesses throughout the nation in the next calendar year before going global.


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