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Warren Sapp Hit the 4/20 Cannabis Cup in Denver

Over the weekend, we kept our booth lit with Garden of Weedn all weekend long. While a slew of weed celebrities and friends came through to burn with us at the Cup, only one NFL Hall of Famer with a Super Bowl ring, seven Pro Bowls known as the most dominant defensive tackle to ever play the game rolled up to our booth.


That man was none other than the legendary “Quarterback Killa” Warren Sapp, who surprised us when he strolled up to our booth with a blunt message:

“I’ve been looking for the Garden of Weedn x The Smokers Club booth all weekend!!!”

And on 4/20 around 4:20, he finally found us. Sapp was on his way out, so we didn’t get lit with him, nor can we comment on whether or not Sapp chose to medicate during his trip to Denver.

But he’s long retired (with pain from playing the game), he was in a state where weed is totally kosher, and whether or not Warren Sapp blazed, he certainly respects our game. As should be the case with any athlete (former or active), the choice to medicate with marijuana is one that should be allowed, embraced, and up to the athlete.


[The Smokers Club]

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