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Snoop Dogg Gave Martha Stewart a Contact High at the Bieber Roast

Snoop Dogg got himself and his buddy Martha Stewart toasted during last night's "Bieber Roast" on Comedy Central. As is Snoop tradition, the Doggfather stayed lit with a perpetual rotation of percy blunts throughout the roast of Bieber because how else can you stand four hours of looking at the Canadian spawn of Satan?

Sitting next to Snoop throughout the roast was the 73-year-old Stewart who initially mistook his massive blunts for cigars. Until the Kush made its way into her mind:

“Snoop has medical reprieve for marijuana, so he smoked for four-and-a-half hours right next to me,” she claimed during a video interview with Pop Sugar.

“These big, fat… I thought he was smoking cigars at first, and then I started to feel a little woozy.

“And he had come out of his trailer smoking, and his trailer, you couldn’t even see in his trailer. I did not go in his trailer.” [Independent]


For her part, Stewart doesn't seem to mind, perhaps because her and Snoop have a history of on-screen shenanigans. But this line from SNL's Pete Davidson during the four-hour roast might have gotten Stewart slightly peeved:

“Martha is so old, her first period was the renaissance.”

Facts are simple...and facts are straight:

[The Smokers Club]

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