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Snoop Dogg Looked Medicated at Son's Signing Day Announcment

Stoner father of the century Snoop Dogg has done a great job raising his children and proving that just because you smoke 81 blunts a day doesn't mean you can't be a proper roll model for your kids.


Yesterday, Snoop's youngest son Cordell Broadus committed to UCLA to catch whatever passes and Asian women may come his way. While Cordell's eyes look laser focused on his future, Snoop's eyes are missing in action.

Deep down, you know Snoop is stoked, but Snoop never breaks character. And on the surface he just looks higher than a giraffe's pussy and in need of In-N-Out.

If Snoop took 81 shots a day instead of 81 blunts a day, I don't think he would've a) lived to see this day or b) been the stable, guiding force he clearly has been.

Should Cordell make it to the NFL draft, hopefully Snoop remembers to bring his Visine or go with a Sativa.


[The Smokers Club]

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